54 SBE Chapters Earn Quality Chapter Status for 2021

For many SBE members, the local chapter provides access to affordable continuing education and a ready network of contacts and friends in the industry. The SBE recognizes chapters that meet those needs by rewarding them with an annual rebate of a portion of the SBE dues paid by its members. The chapters have to qualify for the rebate by holding at least five meetings during the calendar year and documenting those meetings to the national SBE office. Documentation includes a brief description of the meeting and a list of attendees.

In 2021, 54 chapters qualified for Quality Chapter status, and the SBE paid out a total of almost $28,000 to them. Chapters typically use the money to fund their own operations. Expenses can include website hosting fees, printing, postage, scholarship programs, and sometimes meals for chapter meetings or social events. The SBE instituted the rebate system many years ago to help chapters avoid the administrative burden of collecting local dues, instead, allowing them to concentrate on producing successful meetings and other chapter functions. Below is a list of chapters that attained Quality Chapter status during 2021 and received a cash rebate from the national SBE office in June of this year. Our congratulations to them and to their leadership!



1 Binghamton
Gary Talkiewicz

2 Northeastern Pennsylvania
Al Kornak

3 Kansas
Richard Abraham

9 Phoenix
Eric Schecter

14 Connecticut Valley
Frederick Krampits

15 New York City
Conrad Trautmann

16 Seattle
Alexander Brewster

17 Minneapolis
Jon Blomstrand

21 Spokane
Jerry Olson

22 Central New York
Thomas McNicholl

24 Madison
Matthew Mommaerts

25 Indianapolis
Chuck Kelly

30 South Bend
Jakob Foglesong

33 Southwestern Ohio
James Stitt

37 District of Columbia
J. Eric Hoehn

38 El Paso
Jose Castro

39 Tampa Bay Area
Edwin Allen

40 San Francisco
Arthur Lebermann

43 Sacramento
Jack Davis

45 Charlotte
Brad Humphries

47 Los Angeles
Matthew Anderson

48 Denver
Amanda Hopp

51 Tri-Cities
John Mazza

52 Central Ohio
John Owen

53 South Florida
Carlos Sanchez

55 St. Louis
Terrence Dupuis

56 Tulsa
Donald Dobbs

57 Rochester
Gregory Carter

58 Northeast
Scott Mason

59 Kansas City
Stephen Hendrix

67 North Texas
William Ryan

68 Birmingham
Tim Costley

69 Alamo Area
Christopher Anderson

70 Northeast Ohio
Blake Thompson

72 New Orleans
Ernest Kain

74 Midland
Mark Voris

76 Eugene
Dennis Hunt

78 Blue Ridge
Robert Whitley

80 Fox Valley
Martin Jury

85 Central Western
Brian Ryel

91 Central Michigan
Richard Thomas II

93 Raleigh-Durham
Frederick Engel

96 Rockford
Ben Pflederer

102 Grand Rapids
Mark Wittkoski

103 Nashville
James Campbell, III

109 Des Moines
Gregg Richwine

111 Huntsville
Kevin Kidd

113 Knoxville
Robert Holden

115 Southern Idaho
Thomas Kettwig

122 Youngstown
Wesley Boyd

124 North Oregon
Everett Helm

131 Inland Empire
Robert Army, Jr.

141 Medford
David Katz

145 Magic Valley
Thomas Lowther

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